Simon Carter is, slightly depressingly, now a ‘veteran’ of the computer games industry. He started working at Bullfrog in 1994 where he worked on Magic Carpet, before becoming the project and programming lead on Dungeon Keeper. In 1998 he founded Big Blue Box Studios which created Fable for the Xbox before being bought by Lionhead and Microsoft. Several Fables later he left Lionhead to focus on mobile games, which is when he began referring to himself in the third person.

Follow him on twitter @bbbscarter
Contact him on LinkedIn.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. SimonG

    Hello again Simon,

    I can see share this and like this links which I don’t remember seeing yesterday, but still no ‘contact owner’ type stuff, unless the reply form on this page doesn’t get posted in public. I guess I’ll find that out in a second or two…

    1. bbbscarter Post author

      Yes, you’re right. While I’m getting my WordPress ducks in a row (for some reason it’s not showing animated gifs inline either), why don’t you DM me on Twitter (@bbbscarter) and we can trade details.

      Sorry for the faff!


  2. SimonG

    I’m sure it’s me causing you faff. Or emacs causing it for both of us…

    Right, so you finally made me join twitter, only to discover that you can only DM your followers, so I still can’t send you an email address directly. I’m @sillyhair and following you, so one way or another we should be close to sorting this!

    FYI your Linked-In link at the top of this page is either broken or an initiative test – it winds up relative to this blog rather than absolute.




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